We’ve written about this before, but the truth is we can’t say it enough as the drumbeat for silvestre/wild maguey mezcals increases – do not make the mistake of overlooking espadins – probably the best embodiment of the terroir story of mezcal. And luckily we have Tess Rose Lampert, who will be giving a chat and tasting about this very topic.

Tess is a food and beverage writer and consultant, who has been passionately obsessed with the culture of Mexico since her first visit at age 7. She dedicates a significant portion of her time sharing the diversity of Mexican gastronomy through her seminars and writings as an advocate for sustainability and respect for the indigenous traditions. She is happiest when sharing good mezcal and food among like minded friends.

She’ll be guiding people through a tasting that showcases the complex flavors, regional variations, and sustainability of this workhorse of the maguey varieties.