Mexico in a Bottle

North America’s biggest, and baddest, mezcal tastings.

2020 Dates

While our big tasting events may be on hiatus this year, we’ve got some great programming on our @mexicoinabottle IG channel, including Mexican Pop Up Bar, takeovers and more. We are also producing smaller outdoor events like this upcoming Dia de Los Muertos Mezcal Dinner. We are looking forward to 2021! 

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About Mexico in a Bottle

What began as an event to tell and celebrate the story of mezcal, Mexico in a Bottle has evolved to showcase the growing craft beverage scene in Mexico. No longer just an agave driven movement, we now see rum, whiskey, botanicals, liqueurs, bitters, wine and beer making their way into the market. The story of mezcal and these other elixirs isn’t just about alcohol, each bottle contains a piece and flavor of Mexican culture, and is a living link to history, tradition, food, art, and music – life and death all in a bottle.

Mexico in a Bottle was founded in 2014 by Mezcalistas. We were inspired to create a grand mezcal tasting partially because we just love mezcal; if you read our blog you already know that, if not it’s time to get started because we’re serious evangelists. 

In 2019 we expanded Mexico in a Bottle to six cities including San Diego, Chicago, Denver, Los Angeles, Washington DC and San Francisco. In 2020 we have events planned in San Diego, Chicago, Dallas, Los Angeles, Washington DC and San Francisco.

Since mezcal simply cannot be contained we also organize Mezcal Week, a truly global celebration of everything mezcal which occurs September 8th to 15th.

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