We’ve written about guide extraordinaire Clayton Szczech before. He guides trips through the tequila and mezcal regions of with a focus on integrating a sense of Mexican culture into the journey. With seven years of experience he has one of the deepest tenures in the business.

When he’s not guiding he’s generally researching the farther flung mezcal producing regions. We’re excited to announce that he’ll bring all those travels and expertise to our Mezcal Lover’s at the Grand Tasting where he will be pouring bottles that he’s sourced from his travels including the following:

He’ll guide you through a tasting of these exclusive mezcals, talk about their production, where they come from, and what makes them unique. Clayton is amazing resource for questions about agave distillates so bring your questions and your taste buds, both may be blown by the end of this tasting.

He is also offering a 10% discount to anyone attending Mezcal: Mexico in a Bottle. His next tour starts just days after our tasting so get inspired, then jump into his next mezcal tour in Oaxaca starting November 19th where he’ll take you through artisanal copper-pot distillation in Matatlán and Mina, local pulque production, and nightly formal tastings. If that’s not enough for you definitely sign up for his Thanksgiving week trip to Tosba where you can make your own mezcal, or check his full schedule for other options