Interesting things happen when drinking mezcal with people. When conversations include sentences like, i really wish… and are followed by what if i…, sometimes creative collaboration results.

Such was the case with an acquaintance of mine in Los Angeles, multimedia artist Emelda Gutierrez. Born and raised in Los Angeles, she synthesizes her experience of the city; the colors of the ocean, the textures of the the desert, the shapes of the wildflowers, with her Mexican heritage and personal history to create a style that is uniquely her own. She is also a badass punk rocker with that original DIY ethos. We met via mutual artist friend Txutxo Perez – designer of our Mezcalistas tshirts – and a relationship was born.

It all started over cocktails at La Cuevita when I said that I wished I could find some local copitas to use for tastings. Emelda said, ‘what if I made them?’ I had seen a couple of her pieces before – beautiful ceramic objects that operate as functional sculptures – and was thrilled she was interested in trying copitas. After a few months of back and forth samples to get the size right, we are set to unveil these little beauties at this Sunday’s Mexico in a Bottle. We are including these one of a kind beauties in our Mezcal Lover’s package, and will also have some for sale on site.