Join Eli Rodriguez on a journey through Mexico and focus on terroir driven tequilas from Michoacan, Jalisco and Colima.  Eli Rodriguez is co-producer of Mi Casa Tequila. You will be tasting:

  • Mi Casa Tequila – One of the few tequilas made in Michoacan available in the United States.
  • Dos Volcanes – A brand new blue agave spirit from Colima just across the border from Jalisco.
  • Tequila ArteNOM – Limited edition tequilas that express specific terroirs.

Eli’s family grows beautiful lush agaves on the highlands of MIchoacan and supplies agave to some of the most respected brands on the market. In addition to his work with his family and their brand, Eli is an agave enthusiasts and manager of Healthy Spirits on Cortland Avenue and has a neighborhood Agave Club which is run through his store.