It was ambitious for sure, but when New York calls, you answer…

We honestly didn’t know what we were getting into when the organizers of ArteAgave asked us to kick off their Tequila and Mezcal week with Mexico in a Bottle. When you contemplate expanding to new markets, baby steps are often recommended, but we dream big. And New York, you were (and are) fabulous. Every mezcal market has its own personality and organizing an event from across the country means putting a lot of blind faith into the voices on the other end. And man did they deliver. The team at Casa Mezcal, headed by Martin Capella, was incredible. Not only did they let us take over their gallery and Botanic Lab spaces for two days, they plied the crowd with delicious bites and some very tasty cocktails. Their relaxed vibe, great tunes and beautiful space set the tone for the event. Big thanks! We also have big thanks to Panorama Mezcal who helped us find great talent for programming and very fun volunteers – and that was in addition to their promotional help.

And more big thanks go to the speakers who brought the interesting and necessary gravitas that demonstrates why mezcal is so much more than an alcoholic spirit. Edgar Morales, Tess Rose Lampert, Erick Rodriguez, Danny Mena, Asis Cortes and Misty Kalkofen, thank you! You guys lit up the stage with your deep knowledge and passion for mezcal. And to Adrian Vasquez who managed the program in the Botanic Bar.

Finally, a thank you to not only the participating brands, but also to Nuestra Soledad, Wahaka Mezcal, El Buho, Los Amantes and Montelobos for supporting the cocktail program and showing that even in cocktails, not one mezcal is like another and flavors vary.

Folks from all over the industry came, and we even had people from as far away as Jacksonville, Florida and Raleigh, North Carolina. It was a chance for mezcal obsessives to connect with one another, and to find “their community” as we like to say sometimes. But more than anything, it was that great combination of learning and fun, and when it got too hot in the gallery, you could go chill out in the Botanic Lab and sip some cocktails, or more mezcal during the informal chats and guided tastings. We look forward to doing it again. Now on to Chicago!