That’s when you turn to your bartender and ask for inspiration. And that’s why we asked Edgar Morales, bar lead at New York’s Cosme, to come inspire us with his vision of mezcal in cocktails. Cosme’s arrival on the New York scene has been a watershed moment because it’s an example of how North Americans are obsessed with both street and restaurant cuisine from Mexico. Cosme was founded by Enrique Olvera who shot to fame as creator of the incredible Pujol in Mexico City which is frequently named as one of the world’s best restaurants. Trust me, it’s fantastic. But now that chef Olvera has landed in NY he’s bringing all sorts of great Mexican innovations as well. And that includes cocktails. Edgar will show and tell us what he sees in mezcal and how he uses it in cocktails. You’ll get to taste the results and bring some of that knowledge home with you. Get your tickets today.